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28COE Core Values

This book of 28COE Core Values is an anthology of BAB Group of Companies after almost two decades of professional work experience and learning. These Values are very much practiced in our BAB Group of Companies and we identified the importance of core values at an early stage of our organizational development.

The idea behind this book took out about 28 months ago. Our thoughts revolved around temptations to find our purpose, make decisions, and create more millennial entrepreneurs.

We all need values, more than we all know. We all have desires and dreams to succeed and change our respective lives.

These 28 Core Values incorporated with Self Written Quotes from Top Authors, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Ambassadors, Seasoned Professionals, and Keynote Speakers would help you discover your respective Authentic Core Values and help you walk step-by-step through the process of identifying your own Values to shape your respective lives.

We all live in a world where other people’s agendas, their reactions are competing with our time and our resources.

This little book is a guide that will walk you through a journaling process where you can discover these important self-motivational Values and Quotes.

By discovering these essential motivations, you can begin to align your professional life and your purpose of you to be. Practicing these values would definitely capture the essence of your business and culture, and by putting these values into practice, you yourself as well as your respective Organizations are bound to have success.

In this short and sweet step-by-step guide, you will take away:

Why do core values matter?
What the different kinds of core values are?
How to discover your authentic core values in your own story?
How to actively use your core values?

What are the Key Organizations Core Values and why are they important? An organization is a group of people working towards a shared mission/vision and goal. By estimation, it makes sense for every organization to have its own set of core values. Such set core values guide crucial actions and behaviors, such as how business decisions are made and successful relationships are formed. Core values are therefore visible in every aspect of the organization. From operations, sales, and marketing to internal HR processes, etc.

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat Found of 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs

If you need help with establishing your own set of core values, BAB Group of Companies / 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur can help you.

Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Dr.Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Founder & CEO

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat is a remarkable individual, serving as an inspirational entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business coach, leaving a profound impact on the realm of business. Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business coach who has made significant contributions to the business world. He migrated to Malaysia over two decades ago, and since then, he has been helping thousands of people start their businesses from scratch. Bilal Ahmad Bhat’s journey as an entrepreneur began very young. He grew up in Wuyan, Jammu, and Kashmir, India, and started his first business when he was just 11 years old. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business.

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